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Cron of rpm ocsinventory-agent-core


We deployed ocs agent on RHEL using rpm found on official repository (https://rpm.ocsinventory-ng.org/enterprise).

The rpm ocsinventory-agent has the ocsinventory-agent-core dependency. No worry about that :)

In this rpm, we found file /etc/cron.hourly/ocsinventory-agent, but we have 400 servers and they send at the same times reporting. On virtual infrastructure, maybe it can cause I/O storm.

Second problem, we want just execute 1 time by day so I'm thinking of doing something like this:

- remove file /etc/cron.hourly/ocsinventory-agent (but what if we update the package? I haven't looked at the spec file details yet).

-create a cron with execution window from 0AM to 7 AM each days with random value:

cat << EOF >> /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory-agent

source /etc/sysconfig/ocsinventory-agent

$(($RANDOM*59/32767)) $(($RANDOM*6/32767)) * * * root  /usr/bin/ocsinventory-agent --tag=${OCSTAG[0]} --lazy --nolocal --server=${OCSSERVER[0]}


Have you another solution about that?

Thank you for your feedback, and sorry for my poor english :P

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I think the solution you found is perfect

perhaps you can also use anachron with the parameter RANDOM_DELAY


Kind regards
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