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SNMP Scan not register devices

Hello all,

the scan via SNMP works without problems but the device is not registered in OCS. Is there anything else that needs to be set here?


[debug] =END=SERVER RET======

[debug] Calling handlers : `end_handler'

[debug] [download] Calling download_end_handler

[debug] [snmp] Calling snmp_end_handler

[debug] [snmp] Snmp: Scanning network

[info] [download] Beginning work. I am 9905.

[info] [download] No more package to download.

[debug] [download] End of work...

[debug]  - Net::Netmask loaded

[debug]  - nmap found

[debug]  - Nmap::Parser loaded

[debug] [snmp] Scannig with nmap

Warning: The -sP option is deprecated. Please use -sn

[debug] [snmp] Found

[debug] [snmp] Snmp: Ending Scanning network

[debug] [snmp] Scanning device

[debug] [snmp] Launching 11

[debug] [snmp] Running HP (11) MIB module

[debug] [snmp] Launching If_Mib

[debug] [snmp] Running If MIB module

[debug] [snmp] Launching Entity_Mib

[debug] [snmp] Running Entity MIB module

[debug] [snmp] Launching Default

[debug] [snmp] Running Default MIB module

[info] [snmp] No more SNMP device to scan

[debug] sending XML

[debug] sending: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






        <DESCRIPTION>HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1820 24G PoE+ (185W) J9983A, PT.02.09, Linux 3.6.5-45630aff, U-Boot 2012.10-00119-gae4e43bd91 (Aug 31 2018 - 10:12:27)</DESCRIPTION>






        <UPTIME>104 days, 22:27:00.00</UPTIME>


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