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Admin-Ino : Tag

Hello OCS Inventory fans & supporters.

Currently we have successfully implemented OCS and would now like to use the special TAGS that are entered in the installation of the AGENTS. To authorize certain users / roles that will only see entries that have the assigned "ADMIN-Info : TAG" "X" assigned.
I have already defined the "TAG" and the "admin" role for the user in the "Configuration", "User" section of the web interface.
Nevertheless, the user always sees all entries and not specifically the entries with the tag "X".

Thank you for your support.
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2 Answers

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If I understand wright You wish to use Agent side "TAG" to display Users credidentials for OCSserver login?
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I think he means that he wants to limit ocs-inventory adminsitration access by tag

quote  "Restrictions on computers : Define if the visibility of computers is restricted only to specific TAG(s) assigned to users. When this restriction is set, you have to specify, for each user you want to restrict her accesses, the set of TAGs defining which computers you allow her to see. You can use ? or * to match multiple TAGs at once. If you don't specify any TAG, the user will be allowed to see all computers."



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