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MacOS - OCS_agent.pkg ok - CUSTOM_agent.pkg NOTok

Hi all,

Issue : Installing agent with OCS package works.

Log is created, config directories are created, config files are created and filled up, agent works.

  • /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/https:__myDomain:myPort_ocsinventory/ocsinv.adm is created

Installing agent with custom package made with OCS Inventory NG Packager for MacOSX does not work.

Log is NOT created, config directories are created, config files are NOT created and NOT filled up, agent starts but does NOT work.

  • /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/https:__myDomain:myPort_ocsinventory/ocsinv.adm

is NOT created,

  • /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/https:__ocsinventory-ng_ocsinventory/ocsinv.adm

is created instead myDomain:myPort, after OCSNG.app is runned.

Environment :

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

OCS Agent for Mac 2.6.0

I am pretty sure I made my custom.pkg as needed, because I already did it for Windows with command line.

All is working fine on Windows.

Custom.pkg config :

1) OCS package : path and file given (OCS Inventory Pkg Setup.pkg)

2) URL : https://myDomain:myPort | /ocsinventory

3) Log : default | /var/log/ocsng.log

4) Mode debug : checked

5) Télé-déploiement : checked

6) Mode Lazy : unchecked

7) Tag value : this is my tag

8) Certificat : /OCS_nePasSupprimer/cacert.pem (directory and file already exist)

9) Run each 5 hours

10) Run agent as daemon starts

11) Run daemon after installation (which never worked, as not, with the OCS package => agent never start by itself)

12) Export file to : the directory I choose.

13) File name : install-ocs | .pkg

One option exist for windows command line and does exist not within the packager maker is : ssl = 0 | 1

In the terminal :

1) sudo -i

2) Remove the installation made with OCS package :

rm -rf /Applications/OCSNG.app

rm -fr /etc/ocsinventory-agent/

rm -rf /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/

rm /var/log/ocsng.log

3) Running my custom.pkg :

installer -pkg /path/with\ spaces/to/PKGfile/custom.pkg -verbose -target /

Verbose works and shows information.

/var/log/ocsng.log is not created

Config directories in /etc and / var are created but remane empty.

Config files in my custom.pkg have the good informations.

install.log is quite the same for the OCS.pkg and my custom.pkg.


I don't know how to troubleshoot this issue.

I cannot find out what I did wrong ?

As it is MacOS, BSD based, a cousin of Linux (that I know well), I did not restart the computer yet, I cannot believe it would help.

Thank you for your help !



MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Dist-upgraded to MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Does not work much.

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