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Hi partners!

I have a problem with the client's TAG. I want change the TAG after install OCS Agent but is impossible.

I can see this file (admininfo.conf) in C:\Program Data\OCS Inventory NG\Agent and I can edit this too, but when I update the inventory, it overwrites it with the TAG of the database.

In the LOG, I can see this:

Starting OCS Inventory NG Agent on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 13:08:02.

AGENT => Running OCS Inventory NG Agent Version

AGENT => Using OCS Inventory NG FrameWork Version

AGENT => Loading plug-in(s)

AGENT => Using network connection with Communication Server

AGENT => Using Communication Provider <OCS Inventory NG cURL Communication Provider> Version <>

AGENT => Sending Prolog

AGENT => Prolog successfully sent

AGENT => Inventory required

AGENT => Launching hardware and software checks

SNMP => Get SNMP parameters from the server

SNMP => Communities available using them with default one (public)

SNMP => 0 community successfully added

AGENT =>  Communication Server asks for Registry Query

AGENT => Communication Server asks for IpDiscover

AGENT => Sending Inventory

INVENTORY => Inventory changed since last run

------> ADMIN INFO => Couple ( TAG <=> ext-posmorpa Pruebas ) added to configuration file

AGENT => Inventory successfully sent

How can I tell the server to write this information to me from the client and not from the server?
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1 Answer

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I have the same issue, i tried to change z-ocsinventory-server.conf with



restarted apache,
but it's the same..

I use server 2.9.1 and agent 2.9. it's ok with a new install but i don't want to reinstall all client, cause i have a script for change TAG in admininfo.
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