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Agent (MACOs) Deployment Packages Isn't Working

Hi All,

Here is my installation details information:

  • OS Server : Ubuntu 18.04
  • OS Agent : MacOS Big Sur
  • Agent Perl Version : 5.34.0
  • Ocs Agent Version : Unix 2.8.0
  • Ocs Server Version : 2.9.1

I've pushed deployment package to MacOs as my target machine,
the status is always "Notified" on the server GUI but the packages isn't installed.

I've tested deploy packages too on windows machine and the status is "Done" and the app is success for installed.
When i checked on ocsng.log with debug mode, i found this messages:
"[Thu Oct 7 17:19:03 2021][debug] Failed to load `/etc/ocsinventory-agent/modules.conf': 0 "

Here is my modules.conf file:


Here is my modules.conf permissions

Any advise?


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