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how to stop package download which was notified

Hy, i have a client computer which has status notified , but the client was not able to download the file because the package detected as a virus (it is just an eicar test virus). So i decided to remove the client from package notified on server side. But the client tries to download the package again and again.

Is there a retry count for "bad" packages .. or does the client with ocs agent 2.05 does this until the end of the days?

I do not want to remove something on the client download folder

Kind regards

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May be remove the corresponding row in table 'download_enable' ?

When agent reach server, the server don't indicate 'there is a package to download' !
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i i did not found the computer specific "corresponding" row . I ended up in deleting the download folder on the client.

But the problem is .. you never know if i client has this problem with a file. I only know that this client has problem because the antivirus warns me every hour.

If i have time i am investigating this a little bit more.
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Yes 'the corresponding row', I understand it's was too short (and also incorrect) ... My analysis :

About package deploiement, you create a package and a row is created in table 'download_available', index 'file_id' is a timestamp = epoch time (number of seconds from 1970/1/1 0:0:0).

Then you activate the package and a row is created in table 'download_enable', the index is 'id' an autoincrement and you have a link with field 'file_id'.

When you affect the package to a hardware, a row is created in table 'devices' (curious name of table !!) : you have 5 fields :

- hardware_id : link to (table) hardware

- name : mostly 'DOWNLOAD'

- ivalue : link to table 'download_enable' field 'id' (not directly the timestamp)

- tvalue : the result or actual status (SUCCESS, NOTIFIED, ERR_xxx,  ...) or null

- comments : when success the date of success

When tvalue is null, that's mean the package is affected but agent is not NOTIFIED. When tvalue is NOTIFIED, that's mean the agent know it have to download the package.

Using this analysis, you are able to 'un-affect' a package for a hardware known : the row to remove is in table 'devices' ...

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