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Generate Excel file with all software installed?

Is there a way to generate an excel file with a list of all computers and every software installed on each? I can only download the device excel one at a time, I need a file with all of the devices
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2 Answers

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Using MySQL (MariaDB), it's possible (maybe easy) to generate a CSV file readeable by Excel (see SELECT INTO OUTFILE : https://mariadb.com/kb/en/select-into-outfile/ ).

(Please note, you need to add an header row with fields names.)

But this kind of file is static : it's an 'image' of all computers inventoried at ONE instant.

Keep in mind this kind of file is ... obsolete only 10 minutes after !
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Example (for OCS >=2.8) :

select h.deviceid, h.name, sn.name, sv.version, s.comments
into outfile '/tmp/export.csv'
  fields terminated by ',' optionally enclosed by '"'
  lines terminated by '\n'
from hardware as h, software as s, software_name as sn, software_version as sv
where s.hardware_id=h.id and sn.id=s.name_id and sv.id=s.version_id and h.archive is null
order by h.name, sn.name, sv.version

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