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Some computer reports only some installed software


on some computers (about 50 in 1000),

when software inventory is done in windows Agent then sent to the server, we can find only some software in ocs inventory reports but not all

A good Windows PC has about 150+ Software installed

But some identical PC has in OCS Reports less  than 100 software installed and for example dont have anything about Antivirus software (that's what i need to check on ocsinventory reports)

Same software installed on both 150+ Software and 90 software PCs

Any idea  ?
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2 Answers

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to help you i would like to know the agent version and the server version of ocs-inventory first

Kind regards
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With 'ocsinventory-agent --local' (Linux) or 'ocsinventory-agent /local=...' (Windows) you can produce a file which is normally sent to the server. So you have all softwares identified by the agent.

For Windows computers, you can run the systray application and get directly (right click) the inventory details and all softwares.

Obviously, you need to supply more information if REALLY you want help : agent's version, server's version, log for agent, log for server (specially activity.log) ... As you can see lot of requests don't give ENOUGH informations, as people dont REALLY want help : it's a pity
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