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MacOS the same software in different versions

Hy, on some computers with macOS

for example 10.15.7  and 11.2.3

 we see tens of different versions for Java, for example.

Java 8 Update 65 &

Java 8 Update 71


Where exactly does the MacOS agent read the software list ?
can you read it with a command line in the same way ?

OCS-NG_unified_unix_agent_v2.8.0 and


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2 Answers

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You can look in the Software -> Applications section in System Reports to look at the Mac's applications. You can find the location of System Reports here https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/mac-help/syspr35536/mac
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Also the Mac agent gets its softwares using the command `system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType` as far as i can tell from the code.
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