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OCS inventory err_execute

I tried to deploy the bash script on the mac, but when it downloads it, it gives an Err_execute error and immediately deletes the package. The script is 100% working, I tried various methods to upload the script and then run it, and just run it.

What shall I do?

[Wed Feb 22 17:19:56 2023][debug] [download] Building of 1677058871... Success.

[Wed Feb 22 17:19:56 2023][debug] [download] Execute sh bashscript.sh ...

[Wed Feb 22 17:19:56 2023][debug] [download] Sending message for 1677058871, code=ERR_EXECUTE.

[Wed Feb 22 17:19:56 2023][info] [download] Cleaning 1677058871 package
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1 Answer

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Generate an output file (LOG) while the script is running, like:

Exit code of Launch action - deployment - Ocsinventory Q&A (ocsinventory-ng.org)

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