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Checkfiles Plugin send not information

I have now installed the Checkfile plugin for the first time, on Github the error was the spelling. 

I also installed it on a Linux agent and created a text.txt for a path, which I also entered in the Checkfile.pm for the agent.

In line 44 I have entered the following:                                              # complete below variable w/ any file paths (multiple allowed)                      44 my @paths = ('/etc/test/test.txt', '/path/to/test2.txt')    

# set below variable to 1 for content retrieval or 0 for presence only

my $getContent = 0;                                                               or must the syntax be described differently in Debian/Ubuntu?

In the web application this only remains.

PluginsOCSInventory-NG/checkFiles: Retrieve if file exist (github.com)

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