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Why are network printers not inventoried by OCS?

OCS does inventory normally, however it would never inventory network printers. Printers show up as not inventoried and we identify by leaving them as identified.
What is required for OCS to inventory network printers?

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May be Printers are NOT PC or MAC, and there is NO agents for this kind of hardware ?
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But are common network printers normally inventoried by OCS?
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There is NO agent installable on any printers !

So OCS inventories ONLY computers with agents !

Your question is really stupid ...
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I'm sorry to inform you how stupid your interpretation was here. If you don't know how to answer about a subject then it's better not to say anything than to talk nonsense and still be disrespectful. I asked if an agent on a given network can inventory network printers. I didn't ask if a printer can be an agent on a network. Go practice some text interpretation before entering this site again.
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In the FIRST english page of https://ocsinventory-ng.org/?lang=en, you can read this :

Inventory management

Since 2001, OCS Inventory has been looking to make hardware and software inventory of computers more efficient. OCS Inventory queries its agents to know the soft and hard composition of each machine, each server. OCS Inventory also queries the network to discover the active elements that cannot receive an agent. Since version 2.0, OCS Inventory integrates the functionality of SNMP scans.

As you can UNDERSTAND, you use AGENTS on computers (and ONLY computers, physical or virtual) and these agents send inventory informations to the server. As Printers will NEVER get any agent, they will NEVER inventoried in OCS.

So your question was totally RIDICOULOUS (if you prefer to stupid).

You write 'OCS does inventory normally', you need to understand 'OCS summarize inventory informations from agents of computers) ! And it's similar as ANY inventory softwares.

(I use OCS starting from 2006 or 2007, sorry.)

(In reality, 'queries' is not the good word, agents send or OCS receives !)

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I understand that you have been using it for a long time, and I am just a beginner.

I know that agents collect inventory information over a network and send it to the server.

I understand that agents can just be computers.

Now understand the point x of the question, which can be answered objectively and only:

An agent, WHICH IS A COMPUTER, can only inventory other computers on the network OR are there more network assets that can be inventoried by an agent installed on a windows computer?
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It's mandatory for beginners to start reading the documentation (RTFM).

OCS server only inventories computers using the installed agent.

And there is NO agents for others kinds of materials.

BUT, OCS can also discover others hardwares as routeurs, firewalls, switch (with @ip), printers, host like VMware, Ip phone, ... any hardware with a IP stack.

The discovery use ping or snmp scan : maybe you can retrieve more information with hardware with snmp agent included like printers, firewall, routeurs, ... : don't expect a 'full inventory' with snmp, it's a new functionnality
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