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Install OCS Agent on Vcenter 7 Linux Appliance ?


We use WMWare vCenter 7 from a linux appliance based on photon OS (WMWare Linux)
I can't find doc and guide to tell how to install OSC Inventory on this one.
is it impossible ?
How inventory VM like vCenter 7 on OCS inventory ?
Thanks for help
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2 Answers

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Hello @Voran,

to my knowledge, you cannot install an OCS agent on VCenter (no OCS agent was designed for this).

However, plugins have been developed to report this kind of information from OCS agents, see : OCS Inventory Plugins (ocsinventory-ng.org)

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For most OCS plugins, the installation must be done both :

> On the server side : Creation of database tables and display in the GUI

> On the agent side : Copy of the script (.pm, .ps1 or .vbs depending on operating system) which will report the information

Note: You can install an OCS agent in your OCS server, it will thus upload its own informations as well as its plugins (if installed)

 Otherwise, ocsinventory-agent is executed on the machine(s) on which the OCS agent is installed - servers or workstations (the OCS server being in passive mode as far as inventory is concerned)

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