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Deployment issues by GPO windows

Good morning.

Version PHP: 7.4.33

Web Service: Apache/2.4.54 (Debian)

Version OCS Server: 2.11.1

OS: Debian 11 version 10.5.18

We have the following problem.

We are trying to deploy OCS agent with OCS Packager 2.8

In the packager we add the agent

Then we put the command line:

/SERVER=http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/ocsinventory /S /NOW /NO_SYSTRAY /NOSPLASH

We add the PSExec to be able to put domain username and password, since we are implementing by GPO.

The final OCS packager is generated correctly but it does not take the domain username and password, it must be placed manually and installed correctly.

When launched by GPO, it does not install on any machine due to lack of credentials.

Could you help us with this?

Kind regards.
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