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Collect geolocation

Dear members,

Greetings from Brazil!  smile

I need collect location of 300 laptops that we have in our company, that work remotely by default.

We have employers working remotely in Brazil and 5 more countries.

If possible collect city, state and country, its can help us a lot.

If possible collect latitude and longitude, its so better!

Into GLPI, i found that localization static resource:

I have 3 questions:

1) Could be possible collect location through OCS ?
2) Could be possible collect location dynamically, i.e., when remote employer move to other city/country, inventory collect a new location?
3) The better tool for collect would be GLPI or OCS inventory?

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1 Answer

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  1. Use this plugin http://plugins.ocsinventory-ng.org/#modal-lastpublicip. 
  2. Yes it's possible
  3. OCS Inventory. GLPI is ITSM software not inventory software.
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