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Deploy Software (exe) on Windows


I have deployed OCS Inventory Server on Linux (version 2.11.1) and I have installed the agent (default .ini configuration) and I have verified that the server correctly receives the client information.

Once this was done, I tried to deploy an .exe (Notepad++) on the client (Windows Server) but it didn't deploy it, I tried putting the .exe in a zip and it didn't either.

Do I have to configure anything further on the server or in the OCS Inventory Windows Agent .ini file?

Thank you so much.
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2 Answers

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Hello @Leo98,

for the deployment part under OCS Inventory, an SSL certificate must be created and activated... Is this the case ?

What do you mean by "default .ini configuration" ?
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Before deploiement, you NEED to correctly configure OCS server and specialy Apache2.

First, you need to chose if agents will be connected with OCS server using HTTP or HTTPS. If you choose HTTPS, that's mean SSL=1, you need to supply the certificate, usually 'cacert.pem', to agents for installation. There is NO settings about deploiement inside agent's configuration !

Secondly, for deploiement, it's mandatory to have HTTP AND HTTPS (read documentation) due 'info file' is loaded using HTTPS, and 'fragment files' are loaded using HTTP.

I suggest you follow documentation ...
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