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Users software inventory [closed]


I'm facing a trouble with the software inventory.
Looking for a software on a computer, i have realised that it wasn't in the inventory.
I checked on the computer, checked in the "Add/Remove Programs" (old and new versions) : the program is well installed, works, and is listed in both Add/Remove Programs interfaces.
But ... not in the list for this computer in OCS Server ...
The only reason I have found is : it wasn't installed for "all the users", but only for current user.
I checked with another software .:
All what is in : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\    doesn't appear in the software list in OCS Inventory.

Is there any way to be sure that ALL the softwares will be inventoried ?
Is there a setting to include them ?
Is there an add-on for that ?

It is a real trouble, because i can't rely on a software which can hide me a part of the softwares installed on our computers.
Best regards
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2 Answers

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I think you should install the plugin User Installed Apps.

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Sorry for being late, one of my colleague has found this plugin too.
I wanted to answer myself here to share the solution, but you have been faster @pchamorro.
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