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How to clean up the admininfo.conf?

I found that the VBS-plugins can modify that file and store their results there. But only when the field is not exists in the file.

For example:

I have admin field "fields_22". When it exists in admininfo.conf, script's results are ignored. It can to create correct XML like



<keyvalue>something I want to put there</keyvalue>


But these changes are ignored. Should I manually remove the lines regarding fields_22 from admininfo.conf. the changes will be applied. My 300+ PCs have wrongly filled admininfo.conf files. And I can't manually clean all of them. How to remove some records from these files to fill them with correct values from plugins?
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1 Answer

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Where is the file admininfo.conf located? I mean, that is not a file in the agent but in the server...so you'd have to edit only 1 file in the server, not in every computer. 

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You're wrong. This file is stored on client's side in the agent's data folder.

And the location of this folder is different in different OS version.
Mmmm I cannot find the file in the Agent so far, is it supposed to be inside ProgramData/OCS... or inside ProgramFiles/OCS.. ?
ProgramData. Or D&S - depending on os
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