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The tables of symbols ASCII and Unicode.

I have not so good english. Excuse me for some mistakes.

The agent read info in unicode. But writen in ASCII with russian symbols.
Ìèíèïîðò ïëàíèðîâùèêà ïàêåòîâ = ???????? ???????????? ???????

<NETWORKS><ID>74</ID><DESCRIPTION>ASUS 802.11 g/b Wireless PCI Adapter - Ìèíèïîðò ïëàíèðîâùèêà ïàêåòîâ</DESCRIPTION>

Unicode Latin additional:

Can I set what coding table use for reading information of some fields of inventory, for example: "Description of netwroks"?
In other fields russian symbols displayed normally.

related to an answer for: Problem with description of networks.
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