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Some servers with Linux distributions does not record all the information that should be in the OCS server.

Some servers with Linux distributions like RetHat (5, 6), Suse (9,11) and RedHat (5,6) not register all the information on the OCS Server. Information like CPU, BIOS, Memory , Storage, Model and others no appear on the console.

We see no coincidence or pattern that help us to figure out whats is happening.

┬┐Any suggestion?
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Do you have the dmidecode package installed on these servers?  Also, if you have very new hardware (like HP DL360 or DL380 Gen 8/9) you need a newer version of dmidecode than the stock RHEL 5/6 versions to get the bios serial number).
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Hi, dmidecode package is installed on all the servers, most of servers that not report are virtuals (vmware) and the host are not G8 or G9.

Thanks for the advice, any other sugestion?
It could be some other missing package but I don't know how to find it.  I have quite a few VMs running under VMware ESXi - and some under KVM that all report their virtual hardware.  Are you installing a packaged version of the agent so the dependencies are automatically picked up?
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