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Discover some devices vía SNMP

I have configured one server to discover devices vía SNMP.

I want to discover some types of devices: Fiber Channel Switch, Storage Cabinet and VCenter

Discovering the Fibre Channel Switch device, it apparently works, but the information isn't real, at least the tab of the networks. The MAC address is not correctly. Do I have to do something especial to discover this information correctly?

With the second type, Storage Cabinet, the model is VPLEX METRO VS2. Looking for some errors on the log, it shows nothing, but the result when it tries to discover the sotorage cabinet it identifies as  "Not defined"

 IP address: address:Not Defined
 SNMP device identification:2f7fbe057f9e03da80c36095dac5c5a7Name:Not Defined
 Last inventory:2015-04-15 02:58:33CHECKSUM:1

It is possible to discover this devices in OCS? Do I have to configure a special MIB on the server so that discover this device?. Where I can obtain this MIB? Where or what do I have to configure?

With the third type, when I try to discover it, the application identifies it as a printer. And it doesn't inventories all the information it should

 Dirección IP: Dirección MAC:92:35:20:52:41:53
 SNMP device identification:f170d14a725b835ca94415c81b0c543b Nombre:S877700VCADM99.osakidetza.svs.local
 Descripción:Hardware: Intel64 Family 6 Model 44 Stepping 2 AT/AT COMPATIBLE - Software: Windows Version 6.1 (Build 7601 Multiprocessor Free) Contact:OCS Inventory
 Haga clic para editar:OCS Inventory Último inventario:4 days, 16:03:38.49
 Tipo:Printer Último inventario:2015-04-15 02:58:33

What can I do to solve those problems?




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Which trademark is your fiber channel switch?

By default, unix agent can retrieve some device with snmp (see this directory /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/http:\:__@ip_of_your_server_ocsinventory/snmp/mibs/local/). In this directory, you'll find 5 xml files.

You have to create your own file for your emc vplex metro vs2 device and store it in this directory.

Hope this help.


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Hi Frank,

The model of the products I have problems are

    • Storage Virtuaizer
    • Model: VPLEX METRO VS2
  • VNX
    • Storage Cabinet
    • Model: VNX7600 (block)
  • DCX
    • Fiber switch
    • Model: DCX (Brocade)

On the xml files that exist, I should change something to identify correctly the VCenter. The file that correspond with the VCenter is 6876.xml Could you help me to identify which part of the xml file do I have to change to solve this the problem with the VCenter?

The file which corresponds to the fiber switch is 1588.xml.

Do I have to create a new one or could I reuse this xml files?

Thanks in advance



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Does anybody could help me to solve this? I need to discover those types of devices and I don't know how to create the xml file.
I have the mib files but I don't know how to translate the information into a xml file so that the application can understand it.

Thanks in advance

Mónica Tato
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Does anybody could help me to create the news xml files I need to discover the devices correctly?
With the information I've found on the web I don't understand how to create it.

Thanks in advance
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I've made several changes in order to get correctly the information from the fiber channel model DCX FOS 7.2.1.b.

Te problem is that the information that OCS obtains from de tab of Networks isn't real. It shows that in the tab of networks, it has 86 devices and the real information is 96.

The status that it shows is off and this is not real. Nearly the rest of the information is empty except the  type, the slot and the IP have information but is not real.

The log shows this information:

[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Scanning device
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Load module xml 1588
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin xml on 1588
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Validating xml parameters
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin looking other scan
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Launching If_Mib
[Wed May  6 12:36:43 2015][debug] [snmp] Running If MIB module
[Wed May  6 12:36:44 2015][debug] [snmp] Launching Entity_Mib
[Wed May  6 12:36:44 2015][debug] [snmp] Running Entity MIB module
[Wed May  6 12:36:47 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin scanning v1 on 1588
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Scanning device
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin xml on 1588
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Validating xml parameters
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin looking other scan
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Launching If_Mib
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Running If MIB module
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Launching Entity_Mib
[Wed May  6 12:36:49 2015][debug] [snmp] Running Entity MIB module
[Wed May  6 12:36:52 2015][debug] [snmp] Begin scanning v1 on 1588
[Wed May  6 12:36:54 2015][debug] [snmp] Scanning device

So I understand that the xml 1588.xml it's correct. I've checked those OIDs and tested that they correspond with the information I want to discover.

Apart from that, I've copied several mibs in the path /usr/share/snmp/mibs.
Brocade-REG-MIB.txt, Brocade-TC.txt, BCCUSTOM-OPR-MIB.txt, BD-MIB.txt, BROCADE-MAPS-MIB.txt, SW-MIB.txt, FA-EXT-MIB.txt, FCMGMT-MIB.txt, SW-MIB.txt

I've loaded them with this command: snmpwalk -m ALL

And the informations is not real.

Does anybody could help me to solve this?
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You can add your own device by adding a specific formated file in xml format.

The mib files can't directly be used because all constructors use specfiic names for the same information in a different tree.

Yuo can take exemple in the already existent xml file. There is also a documentation for explain how you can add this but it's only in french.
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