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Agent 2.1.1 on Linux (CentOS 6u5x86_64) shows incorrect number of processors

I'm running Ocsinventory-Unix-Agent-2.1.1 on CentOS 6u5 x86_64 as an ESXi hosted virtual machine.  I have 2 CPUs assigned.  /proc/cpuinfo shows 2 CPUs


OCSInventory report 3 CPUs of 2 cores


The host is 12 CPUs of 6 cores, but that shouldn't be seen on the client.


Any hints on where to look/debug?


Is there a 2.1.2 Agent available or only the server?  I can only download the 2.1.1 agent.
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This is corrected for the next version. Test trunk version => http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ocsinventory-dev/ocsinventory-unix-agent/trunk/files.


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