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OCS Software report not downloading all data but shows all data on the screen

I have OCS NG agent 2.0.5 installed on my pc workstations and Windows server.  I am having a hard time getting reports to output correclty.  For example,  I am trying to run a Microsoft Office report but have to search for Excel and then show the version in order to determine which version of office is installed.  Because I do not use the "Tag" field or the inventory date or contact time field I try to delete those.  It takes an hour each time and I can not delete those fields in sequence without having to wait for OCS to regenerate the report each time.  I can live with that but when I do finally get a report that shows the software version and select download.  The system downloads the report but all data in the software version column is blank/empty.  That is not the case when looking at the report on the screen so it does get the data but does not output that data in the CSV file.


Can someone tell me how to modify reports so it does not even include the TAG field or the invetory date or even contact time field?  Can someone tell me how to get the output data and the download of that same report/data to correspond?


Thank you.
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