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After having reinstalled the OS on a PC , OCS doesn't upload the Machine Serial Number


After the OS (Windows XP Pro SP3) has been reinstalled, the PC Serial Number uploaded is : 00000000

Before (and it is the good S/N) :  4602287000

Tanks for any idea.
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2 Answers

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Reinstalling an OS on a computer don't change the BIOS asset tag.

Can you explain where was this serial number before ?
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Any idea about this trouble, with these comments ?

Where and how is read the serial number ?
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Yes, I agree : Reinstalling an OS on a computer don't change the BIOS asset tag.

I have deleted all partitions on the hard disk, and re-installed the Windows XP OS (the same OS as before) on the same hard disk.

Where was this serial number before ?

Before this reinstallation, OCS Agent was already installed on this PC. It's the serial number uploaded by OCS Agent to OCS DataBase (shown by ocsreports). AND, it's the serial number written on the DeskTop.

It doesn't appear into the BIOS.


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