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Wishlist for OCS

Hy, i think OCS is one of the best open source Inventory solutions, but i have a wish list anyway - it would be very nice if some of the wishes come true.

1. If i deploy a package with a interrogation mask -and no user is logged into the client computer - it would be fine if the ocs client can be configured that
 no mask appears if i check the box "if no one is logged in - just install" on the server is checked

2. Packages shouldn't be able to block further installations if the user does not click the appearing mask when i deploy packages with interrogation

3. If a package is deleted on server - any client with this package should also delete the waiting package instantly - i have clients where users does not klick on the install package box - for a week
- but i have deployed a second package by mistake to that computer the package will be downloaded - and will be installed after the user acknowledges the first package - but in the meantime  
i deleted the second package on the server - but the client is able to install the package which he received a week bevor. (Description is confusing i know)

4. OCS should be able to check for specific file versions and crc checksum

5. OCS agent should be able to check is specific programs are running (file versions) - depending on that information a question mask appears on the client or not - or the agent try’s to install at a later time

6. OCS should be able to check if a windows update is running

7. After deploying some packages the client tells the server that a timeout error was logged during deployment - this happens often - but the software was installed correctly -
so i should be able to change the error into success - because if i only delete the package for a specific client - i have no deployment history for that client

8. it would be nice if ocs server is able to start a script which sends out a WOL Package on LAN and installs new software - and after installation and no user logged in in the meantime - ocs should shut down the machine.
With this automation i can guarantee the all client with WOL are always up to date

9. I can't check the time difference between "now" and a time bevor (for example 3 months) by a search - i would like to make a dynamic group - which holds all computer which aren't online for 3 months.
This is not possible with the search function on ocs - because i can only search for fixed time - so when i make a dynamic group izt of the search - this search always groups pc which aren’t online for 3 months before the search date and not
between the actual date and three months before
In short - i need a database field with the actual date and time - which is searchable and the dynamic group should be able to use that field.

10. it would be nice if i can save database requests

12. i need a log of the client "On time" - if the ocs server is able to sum the last contact times - we have a nice stat of the client "up time"
i don't mean the uptime which is reported by the uptime plugin - i would like to see a stat - which tells me that client A is going up on Monday at 8 a clock - and is going down at 5 pm or so
13. Install on shutdown would be nice - this avoids any problem with logged in users.

Thanks for reading this poorly written text
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