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Error Deploying Progams

Good Morning

My name is Leandro. I started using OCS-Inventory and encounter this problem while trying to deploy programs.

Im using OCS Server version 2.1.2 (i downloaded a virtual from the download page [Debian Squeeze] and updated it) and the Agent version is 2.0.5 (for some reason, if i use the last version it doesnt upload the inventory)


All is working fine. The problem is when i try to deploy a program (In this case im trying to deploy a Notepad ++ instalation) the dowload is working fine but it never install. If i try another deploy, in the ocsinventory page show as if the PC was notified, but never actually do something.

Is there something i need to do? Can you help me resolve this problem?


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1 Answer

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  1. Have you copied the server certificate on each clients?
  2. At which frequency is sent the inventory? (prolog_freq parameter)
  3. Which command have you setup in the package?


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Hi Frank,


1. I didnt install any certificate in the servers. I just disable this option when i install the Agent in the windows pc and in the ocsinventory.ini i put SSL=0. I dont think this is the problem, since it can do the first deploy.


2. I didnt configure that, since first im doing test. I execute the program by doing right click and clicking the option, send inventory on the windows agent.


3. I used the command launch in the package.



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