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Wrong version of agent 2.0.5 running all the time [closed]



i am running Redhat 6.5 and installed Ocs agent version 2.1.1 from remi repository, it installed great though when i am running check version on the agent that running i always get ocsinventory-agent --version

Ocsinventory unified agent for UNIX, Linux and MacOSX (2.0.5)

whatever i did, i manually cleaned all the directories of the client and reinstalled even all the dependencies, wipred out everything and reinstall the agent 2.1.1 it is still showing it is version 2.0.5 i really am desperate, does anyone have an idea how to solve it? the agent also reports to the ovs server as 2.0.5

after i RPM erased the agent the directories/files i deleted are:





could be that i making something wrong and if you can help it will be great.

thanks guys,


itzik vilmovsky
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I've had a similar problem on CentOS/Red Hat 7.1  (hint don't use cpan for the modules there, use the rpms)


You need to remove /usr/local/share/perl5/Ocsinventory
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thanks mate,


it worked. how do i close this post?
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