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Subnet SNMP scan with an agent un other subnet


I have configured the server and an agent for snmp (http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php/Documentation:SNMP).

When execute the agent with --debug i obtain:

[error] Cannot establish communication : 500 Can't connect to $IP_OCS-SERVER:443 (certificate verify failed)

Then execute the agent adding --SSL=0 and this show in the log snmp scanning but i can't see any snmp device discovered in ocs console. But actually in the subnet of the agent isn't any network device that i want to scan. Then que question is:

┬┐How can i do SNMP scan a subnet with an agent in other subnet?

Thanks for the help
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2 Answers

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For security reason, the SNMP feature is desactivated when you d'on have the HTTPS activated: The server transmit the community/login/passwd to the client for interogate the snmp mibs.

You can scan other subnet whith the snmp scan when your certificate problem will run
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The problem was the list of subnets to scan in the agent customization in the tab networks scans in the SNMP_NETWORK, the syntax is SUBNET/NETMASK,SUBNET1/NETMASK2,ETC without spaces
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