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how to send a status of script execution


for a project i used OCS inventory:

for the moment i launch a batch script to update a configuration on a system with OCS, however i can't inform the Administrator if the script exit before, in all case the status of deployed are Success.

In my script i have a lot of mean to exit the script if they have an errore. In this case i would like inform OCS inventory that the script exit with error  and forced the status of the deployement to Success or ERR_ABORTED or other status .

Is it possible by command line in batch files.

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1 Answer

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in my case i use the command "exit" in batch files with a exitcode which i specify - this exit code can be seen in the OCS Server



EXIT [/B] [exitCode]

  /B          specifies to exit the current batch script instead of
              CMD.EXE.  If executed from outside a batch script, it
              will quit CMD.EXE

  exitCode    specifies a numeric number.  if /B is specified, sets
              ERRORLEVEL that number.  If quitting CMD.EXE, sets the process
              exit code with that number.
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