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Release 2.11.1 available

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Help with plugin PluginOcsOfficekey-2.2.4.tar.gz


My environment:

Ubuntu 14.04 with OCS Inventory NG Management server for Linux/Unix 2.1.2.

I´m deploing OCS Inventory Windows Agent 2.1.1 with OCS Agent Deployement tool 2.1 at this moment. In the future I want to deploy agent with a Windows server 2012 Group Policy.

I have installed OcsOfficekey 2.2.4 running setup.sh on the OCS Server without problems.

I have seen on the documentation that I have to copy msofficekey.vbs to c:\program files\ocs inventory agent\plugins directory, how can I do it? What are the next steps to finally install the plugin and retrieve thie office information?

Help me please.

Best regards.
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