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Mod_perl for /ocsinventory


I have been scratching my head and slapping my face for a few days now. I can't seem to find any tutorial that is complete up to the agent side (Windows). I have been trying to access http://ip_of_my_server/ocsinventory but I am having error 404. Yes I understand it doesn't really exist since it is managed by z-ocsinventory-server.conf. I have been restlessly researching about this thing and there is only one common answer and that is to install mod_perl. I already have installed mod_perl and have the version of Perl 5.18.2 (got it after running perl -v). Is there something I still need to modify or download? Yes I understand I should receive error 400 for me to know that I can now connect my agent to the server but it seems I am too far to finish this. Could someone guide me through this?
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The web console is in http://ip_of_my_server/ocsreports not http://ip_of_my_server/ocsinventory
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Yes, Web console is under http://ip_of_my_server/ocsreports but what I am asking is about the agent since if you will be installing the agent, you will be asked for url for the server right and it is pre-populated with http://ocsserver/ocsinventory. In this case, I still have no computer being seen on the server. What should I do next? Thank you!
Any more answers please?
please run the agent in debug mode and post the errors in the log
Unfortunately I have re-installed the ubuntu server after a while but now facing another issue. Will close this issue for now and will create a new one after trying to do some Googling.
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