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Running two OCSInventory Agent in Windows 7


I would like to know if it is possible to run simultaneusly two instances of "OCS Agent" in a Windows 7, because I need to inventory the same machine against two different servers. For that purppose, I had installed two times OCS and, in the second installation, I had modified "ocsservice.exe" to "ocsservice-TEMP.exe". After that, I had created a new service with "sc create OCS-TEMP binPath= "c:\Program
 Files (x86)\OCS-TEMP\OcsService-TEMP.exe" but when I try to start this new service, I get error 1067. However, if I stop first OCS service and start this new one, then, starts OK... so it seems the problem is not the name of "ocsservice.exe"...

How could I get both services running simultaneusly???

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You can't have 2 ocs inventory agent running on windows.

If you need to inventory the data on 2 server at the same time you need to use a replication system.

Regards, Gilles Dubois.
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And why I can't have 2 OCS Inventory Agent running on Windows? What is the reason? What file is locked?

For these reasons :

- Service ID will be the same

- Files in %PROGRAMDATA% are the same (Logs / Config / etc etc) so the 2 agent will access the same files and will lock the same files

- The ocs systray will have the same id.

But if I'm executing a second "OCS Client Agent" installation with different installation path and, then, once installed I create a new Windows service with "sc create blablabla" with new path, what files are "shared" between both installations? ...because in %PROGRAMDATA% there is no files from OCS, only in %ProgramFiles(x86)%

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