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installing agent with GPO, computer policy (system account) - parameters don't work, where are log files?


the problem is, that when installing agent with GPO, computer policy, it doesn't obey parameters, so i.e. when DEPLOY=, it installs version

The same configuration, but called manually (under admin account), works fine. In a log file (C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Local\Temp\OcsLogon.log) there is a message, that:

OCS Inventory NG Agent version already installed, skipping setup

and that is ok.

I had tried to find the same file while installing with computer policy (to check messages), but couldn't get location.

So, where OCS logs files are stored while OCS is installed under system account (GPO computer policy)?

(I checked: windows\system32\config\systemprofile but it's not there),

or why deploy parameter doesn't work under GPO computer policy?










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2 Answers

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It looks like parameter NOW blocks the agent installation under system account (computer startup script).

I ran cmd as system user, then tried to install in traditional way (with agent setup manager) and it hanged (with NOW parameter checked).

I did the same with NOW unchecked and installation was completed.

Is it a bug?

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While installing with GPO computer startup script, logs are located at:

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