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Can't access to ocs plugin page from glpi


I have downloaded the tar ball from the website and i decompressed it plugins directory of glpi. glpi detect it very well and it do the installation but when i go on the plugin web page (Tools -> OCS Inventory NG) it says : 


You don't have permission to access /plugins/ocsinventoryng/front/ocsng.php on this server.

Anybody have a clue for that ?

PS : 

Ubuntu server 16.04

Glpi 0.90

ocs inventoory plugin : 1.2.0

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1 Answer

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this may come from a permission problem. You should try to check your plugin folder's permissions.


Gilles Dubois.
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Thank's Gilles for your answer, but i forgot to mention that i changed permission in order to give all the rights to plugins folder but i still facing the same problem.
If you have installed ocs inventory on the same server as glpi could you try to disable this config file "z-ocsinventory-server.conf" and try again plz ?

Could you check your default apache config too ?


Gilles Dubois.

a2disconf z-ocsinventory-server.conf

I had the same issue and this command fixed the problem for me and I can access all the plugins again.

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