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Does OCS change the OCS ID's over time? Or When does OCS chang the Inventory ID?


I figured out that you can use the OCS ID's for deploy an packet to an PC or System instand of selecting via the checkbox. For example: if you got arround 2.000 active systems in your Company and your trying to make changes overtime via selecting a group or an randomly number of PC to make changes whitout make the change to everyone, you have to select every single System via the checkbox or make the change one by one. I found out if you got the OCS ID for each System you can use those ID's to make an instand chang whitout selcecting them which is really time saving!  

In Detail: lets say I have 3 Desktop's and the OCS ID: "D1: 1234 D2: 12345 D3: 123456" Now i want to make an packet deploy to the 3 Desktop's. I'm using the OCS ID and the Deploy Link:

For Example: https/yourserver/ocsreports/index.php?function=pack_search&head=1&idchecked=1234,12345,123456 if i execute the Link the canges are for D1; D2 and D3

Now to my Questions: I got an Excel-list whit arround 2.000 OCS ID's and the PC-Names. I found out that some of the OCS ID change over the past 2 weeks. Now I wounder if OCS changes the ID's automaticly or those any system changing also change the OCS ID's? Or in genarl how those OCS creats the OCS ID's

Thanks for the Time

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