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IpDiscover with Windows agent

Hi everyone,

I've been spending quite some time configurating OCS with GLPI on my (Windows server 2008) server. Everything looks fine on OCS side, the is sending its data to the server.
But when I try to use IpDiscover, nothing happens. When I click on the "inventoried" machine in the web interface I have a ipdiscover-util.pl can't be launched, you must set execution rights warning I can't seem to resolve since my agent is installed on W10. So I tried to force this particular agent to do an IpDiscover by setting the IpDisc param in ocsinventory.ini to (since I didn't know how to specify the mask) but yet again, no result. The log (for the agent) says :

ERROR *** IPDISCOVER => No mask is available for the given network number:
    EXECUTABLE PLUGIN => Searching for VBS script(s) in folder <C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\plugins>
    EXECUTABLE PLUGIN => Searching for executable(s) in folder <C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent\plugins>

Ofc this leads me to think I messed up somewhere with the masks, but the server-side warning is a bit more alarming. Is it possible to IpDiscover with a windows agent ?

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I'm not sure the ip-discover capability is available on windows agent for now. It will be available in version 2.1 of windows agent.
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Do you know when this 2.1 version will be released ?

Also, the documentation here says that a computer running Windows XP or 2000 can be elected which, afaiu, means that those PCs can do an IpDiscover. Has it been removed on newer Windows versions ?


Ipdiscover works well with Windows and agents. The configuration of the ipdiscover is via the console Ocsreport:

1) Menu Config, IPDiscover :
    Max number of computers per gateway retrieving IP on the network = 2 computers    => 1 computer is not enough

2) If you want to force the election of a computer, go to the configuration of it on the console OCSReport.


I just checked and I have a agent running so it should work.

The IPDISCOVER is obviously on, but I put 2 on the max computer per gateway (lowered from 99 because I tought it was the max number a machine could discover).
I don't seem to have the same server version tho, here is what my IpDiscover panel look like :

The only inventoried machine is the one running the agent and when I click on it I get this window :

It seem to be elected but not discovering anything. My version of the server is 2.1.2 btw, running on Windows Server 2008. I found said ipdiscover-util.pl file in the ocsreport folder but execution rights are granted for every user so I don't know what is wrong at all.

Thanks for the time you are putting in helping me.

I managed to get it to work but it still doesn't feel right. I modified the default DB parameters in ipdiscover-util.pl to match my parameters (my DB is not on localhost and all the rest is different too). I don't know perl at all but it looked like those infos should be retrieved later in the script so the default ones are overwritten but maybe not.

At least I now have 167 non-inventoried machines which looks very good for my network. However the "ipdiscover-util.pl can't be launched, you must set execution rights" is still here and I don't like putting my unencrypted DB infos everywhere (they already are in ocsinventory-server.conf) even if it's my own server. So if there is a neater way to do this I'd be very gratefull.

Thanks again to those who answered and to those who will !


OCS Windows agent can scan local network without ipdiscover-util.pl. It's work very well.

See https://github.com/OCSInventory-NG/WindowsAgent/blob/master/Agent/CapIpdiscover.cpp

You should consider upgrading OCS Server to 2.2.1.

Right I think I understood what was going on then. During the first client-server comunication the agent is elected (as he is alone) but hasn't scanned yet. On the second conexion the IpDiscover has happened and everything gets back to the server. Is this correct ?

I'm a bit scared about updating to 2.2.1 because I use GLPI with OCS (or the other way around) and I'm not 100% sure it can work with the latest version on a Windows server (In fact I'm pretty sure it dosen't since I did all the installation recently and if it was working I'd have installed the recent one).
This seems correct for ipdiscover.
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