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Invetory Oracle Products

Dear good afternoon
I use OCSInventory to make the hardware and software inventory of the company where I work, recently there has been a need for compliance that Oracle software (database, weblogic, SOA and etc) are also invevtariados. I am using version 2.1.1 of the agent and it does not recognize these products, is there any way to use ocsinvetory for this purpose.
Thank you!
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Oracle does not use a standard installation system. You should write your own plugin.

I wrote this plugin to inventory ODBC driver versions (Oracle, ..) :



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My company also use Oracle softwares. So, we need a complete software inventory of oracle softwares (inventory with option, etc...) for compliance reason...

OCS Inventory does not do it.

We have developed  some custom shell scripts and vbs to be able to survive a licence audit.
I'm sorry, but i'm not authorize to share these scripts.

But, we have corrected the cpu detection of the OCS inventory unix agent 2.1 to have the correct number of cores/sockets/logical CPUs...
Correction for Linux  : https://github.com/Bexounet/UnixAgent/blob/18d04096e6c69bcce993c424d03d8b23438a4007/lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend/OS/Linux/Archs/i386/CPU.pm
and https://github.com/Bexounet/UnixAgent/blob/510fef2e11cd359387b3ed31a7fac8877c3a71d6/lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Common.pm )

Correction for Solaris 5.10 :


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Thanks everyone for the help, can you please tell me some documentation on how to run a custom plugin? Once again grateful for the attention.
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OCS Inventory Unix Agent can inventory Oracle Database. For Oracle under Windows you have to develop a plugin. This plugin must be develop under vbs. As example you have many plugins developped by the team and other contributors here => https://plugins.ocsinventory-ng.org/


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