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Unsorted show/hide columns list in Ajax OCS Reports versions

The "All computers, Show/hide, Select columns to show/hide" drop-down menu list is unsorted :( I think this is due to new ajax code in ms_all_computers.php, but I can't realize how to fix that. It seems, the line to fix is the one that contains ajaxtab_entete_fixe:

if (is_defined($_SESSION['OCS']["mesmachines"])) {
    $queryDetails .= "AND " . $_SESSION['OCS']["mesmachines"];
$queryDetails .= " group by h.id";
$tab_options['LBL_POPUP']['SUP'] = 'name';
$tab_options['LBL']['SUP'] = $l->g(122);
$tab_options['TRI']['DATE']['e.bdate'] = "%m/%d/%Y"; // BIOS date format in database (varchar)

$entete = ajaxtab_entete_fixe($list_fields, $default_fields, $tab_options, $list_col_cant_del);

Previous non-ajax ocs reports versions, included this code:

if (isset($_SESSION['OCS']["mesmachines"]) and $_SESSION['OCS']["mesmachines"] != '')
        $queryDetails  .= "AND ".$_SESSION['OCS']["mesmachines"];
$queryDetails  .=" group by h.id";

$result_exist=tab_req($table_name,$list_fields,$default_fields, $list_col_cant_del,$queryDetails,$form_name,95,$tab_options);

Unsorted columns to show/hide:

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It was already fixed on github :)
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