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Problem launching application after teledeploy


We are facing a problem using OCS.

We have servers that run our application with a specific admin account. Each time we deploy a new version, we use OCS to teledeploy the new package using a batch file.

Here are the step in the batch file:

  • Copy locally the new in a temp folder.
  • Stop the application.
  • Rename old software version folder with a xxx_{previousversion}
  • Rename  temp folder as application folder.
  • Restart computer.

We need to restart the computer to launch our application in the correct user profil because if we use a "start ..." command in our batch, the application is run under LocalAdmin profil. We have setup launch bat at startup to launch automatically our application.

Restarting the computer is something we want to avoid. 

Does anyone know how to relaunch our application without restarting the computer?

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