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OCS 2.3 server and Win XP clients

Hi everybody,

I saw in the 2.3 release notes that Windows XP compatibility of "all tools" is being dropped.

I wanted to know if "all tools" this is about additional plugins or if it is about any kind of data collected. I'm currently testing 2.3 stable and some test XP machines are still detected and inventoried. Will I be able to manage them with basic functions like inventory, registry queries and package deployments or shall I give up?

We have hundreds of XP clients on field with, I need to figure out if I have to keep managing them with OCS 2.1 or if I can migrate to 2.3. Unfortunately upgrade all of them to Win7/10 is not an option, we are gradually replacing them but not all of them yet.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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You can migrate to 2.3 version. XP/2003 will be only inventoried with 2.1.x agents but correctly managed with a 2.3 server.


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