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multiple identifiers for the same computer

Hi everybody,

I need to add administrative data for each computer (~ 1400) of the my network (I'm using OCS Inventory Ver. 2.0.5).

Sometimes a single computer can be associated with different identifiers (table HARDWARE):

ID=1359 NAME=computerX
ID=1510 NAME=computerX

The problem is that administrative data are associated with the identifier of the computer:

field ID (PK) table HARDWARE -> field HARDWARE_ID (FK) table ACCOUNTINFO

If computer's ID changes are the administrative data lost?

When OCS allocates a new identifier to a computer? Why?

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1 Answer

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I have had the same problem with the version OCS Server 2.3.0, and to fix this problem, update to 2.3.1, your OCS Server.
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