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Why usernames of Windows users logged-on are not shown anymore?

Since some months ago, or perhaps since one year or so, the users that have a Windows session opened in my Active Ddirectory domain are not shown anymore. I'm using the last 2.3.1 version under CentOS 7.

Could you please tell me how that information is get? I mean, I wonder that information is stored in Windows, and how can be read it. And why the ocs agent is not doing its job in that respect.

Thank you,

Pablo Chamorro
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3 Answers

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Hi Pablo,

It seems that I have the same problem as you, my Windows agents identify the user logged on, but sometimes this information is not displayed in the interface of the OCS server (this without I did something about customers...)

Is this problem always present for you?

My config : Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie) and OCS server 2.3.1

Regards, Stéphane
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Hi Stéphane, it seems to me that only a small fraction of my computers inventoried are having the logged username registered.

I solved the problem with some MS-DOS batch scripts written for Windows, that run psloggedon.exe to identify loggedon users and mysql.exe to write those usernames in the ocs database.

Thank you,
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Okay Pablo, so much better for you.

In my case, the problem seems to appear only on PCs equipped with Windows 10 family (?!).

Enjoy your OCS inventory !

Regards, Stéphane
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