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Windows Agent - Software Inventory not always complete

I experienced that on many computer (>100 ) with Windows 7 that many computers don't report the complete list of software which are installed.

For example one computer is reporting only 220 Software entrys,  but with all hotfixes there should be more than 700 items.

I think i found a solution

Just start the following  on the affected client in the cmd (you can also deploy that command line)

wmic qfe

and after some time the Computer will report a complete list of all items.

Perhaps with this command a windows wbem cache was renewed or something similar.

Kind regards
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2 Answers

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it sometimes only helps for hours - but the next time when the agent accesses the server the installed hotfix wansn't catched.

Perhaps it is this issue

WMI GetHotFixes randomly report 0 objects


Kind regards - i can't compile the old exe with to avoid the bug.

Perhaps the Team can apply the fix also to the Old Client

The timeout value in the old client ( is the same.

Kind regards
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(Agent - Windows 7 - OCS Server version 2.12)

please try the following

OCS Agent intervall 1 H

Search for Software like KB4022719

The returned Number of PC's with this software is alternating between a maxium and a minimum.

We have for example sometimes 100 PC's as a minimum - 3 hours later the max. was reached 124 PC's later i see only 113 PC and so forth

Can anybody verify this behavior with new Server and a newer agent

Try to search for this patch every 15 minutes for a complete day

Kind regards
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