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error code 1060 the service does not exist (OCS Inventory NT Agent)

When i try to sincronize from the agent to the OCS server, windows 8/8.1 shows me this message "error code 1060 the service does not exist".

I've tried to reinstall the 2.3.0 version (because is the only one that ive achieved to make run in some computers), i've tried to uninstall, clean windows registry and reinstall, i've tried to install different OCS versions, but in some computers works but not in another ones, i've tried to able/disable OCS Service in services.msc (several times), i've tried to change the execution path of the registry because of the fact that some versions look for it in Program Files or Program Files (x86)... I dont know what to do!

But the weird thing  is in some PC's with the same architecture, OS, antivirus, sw WORKS...

The only way that ive found to achieved that works is installing in a new computer with a "clean registry"....

I cannot manage all my company computers through OCS inventory! Some ones sincronizes, some ones not.

Please, help me!

THx!!! :)

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