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Registry changes not working

Hi! I am trying to deploy some changes in windows registry of the workstations. Despite the log returns successful, the changes in registry don't proceed. I've already tried through EXECUTE method, writing the command REGEDIT -S FILE.REG. Also through LAUNCH method attaching the .REG file. In both cases, I attach the .zip file with the .BAT or .REG. I also tried to store the .REG file and then EXECUTE the command to modify the registry. None of these methods worked. The registry values remain unchanged. I would like to know what am I doing wrong and how to proceed these changes.

OS Server: Red Hat 6.9

OS Agent: Windows 7

OCS Server: 2.3.1

OCS Agent: 2.0.1


Raphael Angelo
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Hi Raphael,

did you try to update your OCS Agent (to v. or ?

It could also be the content of REG which is problematic :

Have you tried your REG file by running it on a PC whose the registry modification was not made ?
> Optionally, on your client modify the register manually and extract the key (the empty 2 lines at the end of the REG file are obligatory, etc.)

Note : In my case, the "regedit /s file.reg" LAUNCH option works perfectly !

Regards, St├ęphane

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Hi St├ęphane,

The .REG file whom I am using was extracted from a modified client. And when I execute the .REG locally on the client (user with admin privileges), the changes proceed. The user privileges could be a problem? The OCS deployments don't run already with elevated rights?

I haven't yet tried on a updated agent. If you don't have any other suggestion, it will be my next step.


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In fact, it is a system account that is used by the OCS agent (so with elevated rights), but you can check the UAC setting.

Have you tried to deploy your registry modification on a newly installed VM without GPO ?

Certainly, you can also execute a BAT file that would generate a LOG (flag) before and after the execution of the REG (in this place, add an output errorlevel) ?
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