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Where OCSInventory.exe looks to find the username?

I'm having an issue were if the user is not logged in to the computer when the OCSNG Agent runs, then the inventory doesn't show the username in the OCSNG web (see photo below). I'm trying to find a way to allow OCSInventory.exe to get to the username even when the user is not logged in. Could you tell me where the OCSInventory.exe looks for the username like in the registry etc.,?


Example of what is happening:

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2 Answers

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The username is get from logged user. If there is nobody logged, so ocs inventory show nobody and retrive no information.

There is no better way to do because in many case, you can have allready more than one user account (administrator and one simple user account for exemple) and there is no way to know who use the computer. In an Active Directory group, you can have 400 account able to connect on the computer too.
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Hi @james and @kapouik,

Perhaps a solution: On Windows, the winusers plugin goes back to the name of user accounts already used on the machine (whether local or domain).

Regards, St├ęphane

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