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Error Code 1062 = The service has not been started

I am trying to run a build of OCS Windows Agent I am getting this when I press "Run OCS Inventory NG Agent Now" I get this: 
Error Code 1062 = The service has not been started

I know that the service has the stopped state but why it is not starting ? What could be wrong here ??
 Secondly, If I start the service manually then on pressing "Show Inventory Information":

Failed sending control message to OCS Inventory Service... Error code 109 = The pipe has been ended

Secondly, I don't know can this be a problem with an External Dependencies ?
Any help in this regard will be appreciated...

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2 Answers

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Your issue seems very strange...

Have you tried and reinstall the OCS agent ?

Maybe you have skip a step during the installation.

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I have installed reinstalling it again a couple of times but this problem persists. Is there a way I can debug the solution and try to find the exact reason why It has occurred. The only thing which I added was external dependencies by myself to build the project. I have added nothing else.

Secondly, another thing libcurl_imp.lib was not created by the script.
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