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Office 2013 home business

Good morning, I'm having trouble executing msofficekey.vbs in the office version 2013 ..

I'm using 2.4 server in linux and agents in windows 10 pro, I installed the latest plugin available in github, when I run vbs on computers that have the office 2010 or 2016, the information appears on the computer screen but when I try to run on a computer that has office 2013, nothing appears .. sorry my English and for bothering, I have done several searches but not successful....

if someone has a vbs that works in office 2013 and can make available, or can explain how to change the vbs I have, thank you

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1 Answer

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Hi @Renato,

many and detected differently, some editions of Microsoft Office may unfortunately have been forgotten...

> A particular study has been made to more recent versions and professional editions.

Without having the sources of your edition / version of Office, integration tests for the plugin are difficult even impossible.

I confirm however that the plugin works with the following editions of the 2013 version (sorry, I do not have yours so far) :

Microsoft Office Professional 2013

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

Regards, St├ęphane

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