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OCS Inventory 2.3.1 Uninstall Mac OSC 10.6.8

Good day,

I am trying to uninstall the Mac OSX 2.3.1 Agent from several computers that are running Mac OSX 10.6.8.  The install got pushed to them by mistake and now I am finding issues removing the agent, or having the computer think that the Agent is still installed.  I am unable to upgrade these computers from 10.6.8 due to production level issues(incompatible software with newer versions of the OS).

Running the uninstall.sh script from Terminal using the sudo command appears to remove the all files, but when I go to run the installer for the OSX Agent 2.1.1 it informs me that a newer version of the software is already installed and will not allow me to run the 2.1.1 installer.  I have followed the directions here, here and here to search the offending computers for any files related to OCS to no avail.  I am uncertain where to go from here and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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3 Answers

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did you figure it out i have the same problem ?
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To resolve this issue I used an application called Find Any File and searched for "OCS"  be sure to allow it to search for hidden files.  The program found a few system files tucked away into the private directory that were preventing older versions of OCS from being installed.
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Same problem here, no solution until now. I did install a newer version than try to back to the older version agains, no way.

I uninstall using uninstaller.sh script, but something are still in Mac Sierra system.
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